Meet The Team

Lucy Llewellyn launched Head & Heart at the London Book Fair in 2014, armed with an email address and a batch of business cards. We’ve since worked with many trade and academic publishers, independent authors, and creative organisations. We are a tight-knit team of freelancers, used to working together, and we have wider network of  talented publishing folk that we can turn to when things get very busy or we need to bring in a specialist for a certain project.



Lucy (Founder)

Major: Head & Heart Founder

Minors: Production and editorial project management

Gold stars for: Over a decade in various publishing roles. Lucy brings a unique perspective, skill set, and network of contacts to H&H. Career highlights include editing books by Niall Griffiths, Stevie Davies, James Smythe and Tyler Keevil, working with artist Shimon Attie at the Chrysler Building, attending books fairs around the world, and working on over 500 projects since setting up H&H.

Extra-curricular activities: Lucy loves long hikes in far-flung places. She’s obsessed with red wine and the V&A.



Major: Indie-Publishing Strategist

Minors: Production project management and marketing mentoring

Gold stars for: Extensive experience working with indie authors and small publishing organisations. Yen has worked on a variety of different publishing projects across a large range of products, and is always keeping on top of the latest developments in publishing technology and practices. Yen is also co-founder of CreateThinkDo.

Extra-curricular activities: Yen writes science fiction and short stories, and is the Acquisitions Editor for Brain Mill Press’s Ab Terra series.



Major: Editing

Minors: Reader reports, mentoring, workshops, consultancy

Gold stars for: Cressida has over 20 years’ experience in publishing, working with literary agents, publishers and authors. Recent projects have involved working with The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, Reader’s Digest, and the Richard and Judy Book Club.

Extra-curricular activities: Enjoys alternative pub crawls in Berlin and supporting Cambridge United on wet Saturdays. Must try hard at Art and P.E.!



Major: Publishing Assistant

Minors: Production and editorial project management

Gold stars for: Graduating this year with a distinction in MA Publishing with her thesis on indie print magazines and why we love them. In addition, Aimee has worked with a mixture of boutique and university presses across the South West carrying out marketing, editorial and project management duties. She now works as a freelancer from her base in Northeast London.

Extra-curricular activities: Can usually be found taking photographs in her local area, seeing shows on the West End or curled up under a blanket with a book.



Major: Proofreading

Minors: Copywriting, indexing, fact-checking, referencing

Gold stars for: Extensive experience working on books (illustrated and non-illustrated), journals, websites, marketing material and eBooks for publishers, businesses, students and charities. Clients have included Oxford University Press, The Guardian, Routledge and the NCT.

Extra-curricular activities: Melanie enjoys reading and writing fiction, attending a writing group, walking in beautiful places, spending time with her toddler son, folk music, good food and real ale (rarely all at the same time).



Major: Typesetting

Minors: Web design

Gold stars for: Debbie has a background in Art and Design and Computer Science. She enjoys combining her knowledge in both areas and applying it to her work. She is a freelance illustrator and comic artist, and is currently working on her first book.

Extra-curricular activities: Debbie enjoys reading, writing, urban sketching, making art zines, and lots of quiet time at home.



Major: Editing

Minors: Copy-editing, proofreading

Gold stars for: Working with a range of institutions across the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada, including: Central St Martins; the Stanley Kubrick estate; Museum of Art and Design New York; the Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver; and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Extra-curricular activities: Leanne spends her free time scrambling up ice, rock or indoor climbing walls. She also enjoys watching and making documentary films.



Major: Copy-editing

Minors: Proofreading, copywriting, typesetting, eBooks

Gold stars for: Being a polymathic publishing chameleon – there’s not much in editorial or production that Claire can’t turn her hand to. She recently edited and launched a gothic horror anthology for Parthian.

Extra-curricular activities: Claire is a regular performer at poetry events, and loves bringing obscure literary and mythological themes to her burlesque dancing routines. She’s currently working on her PhD in Creative Writing, which explores the neo-burlesque revival.



Major: Typesetting

Minors: Artworking, eBooks, design

Gold stars for: Recently completing his Masters in Publishing, and writing his dissertation on typography. Danny has worked in-house with Faber & Faber, and as a freelancer with various other clients, typesetting a number of fiction and non-fiction titles, and helping out with the design of a range of covers and promotional material.

Extra-curricular activities: Danny can usually be found reading or writing, and enjoys nights out at the theatre. He loves food, wine, and massive cups of tea.



Major: Copy-editing

Minors: Proofreading, editing, readers’ reports

Gold stars for: Extensive experience of working on fiction and non-fiction titles for clients including Accent Press, Choc Lit, Routledge and Taylor & Francis, as well as independent authors like Victoria Connelly and Giselle Green. Catriona is also a reader for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme.

Extra-curricular activities: Catriona cares about the environment and is a huge tennis fan. She loves all the Arts and is currently adapting one of her own stories into a screenplay.



Major: Intern

Minors: More interning

Gold stars for: Laura recently graduated with a degree in English & Creative Writing, which she hopes will come in handy now that she is embarking on a career in the publishing industry. She had two poems and a short story published in an anthology of writing from past and present Cardiff Met students.

Extra-curricular activities: Pretending to be interested in fitness and healthy eating, being a tea snob, reading (obviously), setting up her new book blog, and finally thinking about writing her own fiction more than actually doing it.