Q. Are you a publisher?
A. No. We work with lots of publishers and authors, but we have no plans to publish books of our own.

Q. I’m an author. Can you help me?
A. Yes. We don’t handle distribution or promotion, but we can match you up with an editor to polish up your manuscript, and we can manage your design and production if you decide to self-publish. We also work with several partner organisations who will be able to advise you and help you get your book to market. Email us at info@headheartbooks.com to find out how we could help.

Q. I’m a publisher. Why should I outsource to you?
A. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to hire an extra pair of hands, only when you need them most, whether that’s due to staff illness or annual leave, increased workload, or looming deadlines. We’re here for those times when you need a manuscript proofread urgently, your typesetter is off sick, or the freelance designer you rely on has gone AWOL. Perhaps you’re hoping to PODify your backlist, but keep delaying it because your team needs to focus on getting new titles out on time. It could be that you’re just juggling too many projects at once and need to offload one or two to a team you can trust to deliver, on time and under budget.

  • We are a team of freelancers with dozens of years of combined experience in publishing. 
  • We have a base in King’s Cross, but we usually work from home, on a project-by-project basis. So, our overheads are very low, and that allows us to provide the most cost efficient service possible.
  • Unlike hiring a new staff member, you don’t need to factor in benefits packages, holiday allowance, or sick days when you work with us.
  • We’re a boutique organisation, so we provide a service that’s tailored for every client, for every project. 
  • We pay our team properly and take pride in our work, so you get consistent, quality results.
  • We’re based in the UK and we work UK hours, so we’re here when you need us most.
  • We rely on word of mouth for the vast majority of new clients that come our way, so making you happy is our top priority.

Q. What do you charge?
A. If your project is small and simple, we’ll propose a small, simple project fee. For more complex projects we want to make sure we understand your needs exactly, so we’ll discuss the details with you before providing two or three quotes for you to consider. We like to make everything as transparent as possible. No hidden costs or nasty surprises. Email us at info@headheartbooks.com for a brochure to get an idea of our 2017 rates.